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"From Hokkaido to the World"
Creating Ocean-Friendly Business

 We were founded in 1963 in Hakodate, Hokkaido, by my grandfather, Jinin Hamade. After my father became the second CEO, I, Shigeto Hamade, assumed the position of CEO on February 1, 2019, the 56th year since the company's establishment.

 Since the company's early days, we have always placed importance on "requests" from our clients.
 "Is it possible to make a machine to catch squid?"
 "Is it possible to catch more squid and tuna, or prevent them from missing or escaping?"
We have listened sincerely to these "requests" and have worked hard to continue to provide products and services that make our clients happy.

 When the squid fishing industry was flourishing around 1973, there were nearly 40 manufacturers of squid fishing machines, but now there are only three (two in Japan, including us, and one overseas, according to our research). Initially, we lost the market share to our rivals and became the second in the Japanese market, but when we released the world's first computerized squid fishing machine in 1984, our clients were very pleased with it and we were able to regain the No. 1 market share. We have gained the appreciation of people in the fishery industry by seriously focusing on "requests" to satisfy our clients. As a result, we have been able to overcome and survive the turbulent times of many manufacturers. we are deeply grateful to all those who appreciate and support our products.

 Currently, our products are being used all over the world, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand. In addition to squid fishing machines, we also develop and sell many other products for fishers, and our products are often featured on TV and other media. Nearly 90% of the tuna fishing machines in Oma, Aomori, are made by us. We also manufacture and sell machinery for scallop ear-hanging aquaculture, Onboard Seawater Electro-chlorination System, and other products.
 We are also focusing most of our efforts on LED fishing lights for pacific saury and squid.
 The fishery industry is facing an extremely difficult situation due to the recent sharp rise in oil prices, the negative impacts of exhaust gas on the environment, and the resulting decrease in fish catches due to changes in the ecosystem. In order to reduce the burden on fishery workers as much as possible, we have adopted the slogan of "people-friendly," " environmentally-friendly," " descendant-friendly," and "ocean-friendly" manufacturing. We will provide products and services that are beneficial to the fishery workers who support our "food security" . And we will play an important role in enabling consumers to enjoy fresh seafood safely and reliably.

 We must not stop challenging. We must make sure to keep in mind the meaning of our company's location in Hokkaido, develop world-class technology, set clear goals, and make concerted efforts.

Let's move on to the next 100 years.

Shigeto HamadePresident and Chief Executive Officer

Creative innovation & Renovation

 We, TOWA DENKI SEISAKUSHO, Inc. are located in Hakodate, a city in the southern part of Hokkaido that has developed along with the fishing industry since its opening as a port town in ancient times.
Especially focusing on squid fishing, which is a key industry in the city, we established the company to provide "products and services that make our clients happy" together with the fishers who have been fishing for generations. Since then, we have been focusing on further development of technology and services together with the fishing industry. Recently, we have been developing and manufacturing not only squid fishing machines but also various other products to meet the needs of clients in the fishing industry in general.

Our Mission

 As a local small and medium-sized enterprise located in the regional city of Hakodate, we will make full use of the city's climate and characteristics, and contribute to society by creating new employment opportunities as our company and our products and services become a catalyst for regional revitalization.


 We believe that the keyword of the 21st century is "kindness". It means kindness to the environment, to people, and to our descendants.
It is undeniable that the nation will shift to an aging society with a declining birthrate in the future. Our mission is to create a fine environment through " fabrication" and by providing the goods and services that the younger generation, who will lead and develop the town and the country, and our descendants will demand.


Business with a focus on the sea (marine).
Businesses that utilize our core competence as a manufacturer (manufacturing industry).
Social contribution initiatives such as providing employment opportunities for the town (Hakodate City).

Our Pledge

We will serve our clients with all our care.
We will create wealth and happiness both materially and emotionally.
We will study and refine ourselves to achieve personality formation.

Founded Dec/23/1963
Number of Employees 76
Business Sites Chairman Yuichi Hamade
President and Chief Executive Officer Shigeto Hamade
Senior Adviser Mitsuhiko Hamade
Senior Adviser Susumu Kashiwazaki
Senior Adviser Michio Takeda
Hakodate Head Office
6-29 Yoshikawa-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, 040-0077, JAPAN
TEL:+81-138-41-4410 FAX:+81-138-41-2867  [Map
Oohata Branch
187 Minato-mura, Oohata, Mutsu- Aomori, 039-4401, JAPAN[Map
Hachinohe Sales Branch
3-8-14 Shinminato, Hachinohe, Aomori, 031-0811, JAPAN[Map
Ogi Office
18-70-2 Ogi, Noto-Machi, Housu-Gun, Ishikawa, 927-0553, JAPAN[Map
Oshamanbe Sales Branch
6-14 Oohama, Oshamanbe, Yamakoshi-Gun, Hokkaido, 049-3511, JAPAN[Map
Our Clients JF Zengyoren (National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations)
Prefectural JF federations of fisheries cooperative associations and local JFs (Japan Fisheries Cooperatives) .
Major Chinese fishery enterprises (Dalian, Zhoushan, etc)
Main Banks The Hokuriku Bank Hakodate Branch, North Pacific Bank Hakodate Branch, The Shoko Chukin Bank Hakodate Branch, The Hokkaido Bank Hakodate Branch.
Technology Partners MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Corporation
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