Automatic Squid Jigging/Fishing Machine

Product Lineup

The automatic squid jigging/fishing machine, built with our accumulated expertise, is tough and also user friendly

Drum Shape

Available in two types of HAMADE's original drums to meet customer needs.

Round Shape

Less line slack and quick and smooth raising/lowering of the drum.

Diamond Shape

A standard and common drum shape that allows for rhythmic up/down.

Mechanism of Automatic Squid Jigging/Fishing Machine

  1. Significant labor savings

    Up to 64 squid jigging/fishing machines are controllable from the bridge. Super tough and tireless, offering long time continuous operation.

  2. Replicating the proficient techniques

    Jigging is controlled by computer. Sensing ship motions. Automatically adjusts the tension of the line.

  3. Minimizing troubles

    Various features to prevent line tangling.

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