What HAMADE makes

No. 1 global market share.
Labor saving that HAMADE offers up

The HAMADE brand are highly trusted from fishers and fishery professionals around the world.
*The global share of Automatic Squid Jigging/Fishing Machine according to our research based on the Nikkei.

  • Automatic Squid Jigging/Fishing Machine

    Automatic Squid Jigging/Fishing Machine

    Replicating master fishers' technique.

    Automatic Squid Jigging/Fishing Machine, the synonymous with HAMADE, has changed the history of squid fishing.

  • Floodlights


    Fishing lights are now in the era of LEDs.

    From Pacific saury and squid fishing to work lights. All lights on a vessel will be replaced with LED lights.

  • Single line Fishing Machine

    Single-line Fishing Machine

    A strong and tough partner for Giant Tuna.

    Providing a wide range of fishing variations.

  • Multi-purpose  Fishing Machine

    Multi-purpose Fishing Machine

    Perfectly memorizing a variety of techniques.

    The new "winding down assist function" makes it even easier to use. It replicates delicate "interaction" and "force adjustment" as you wish.

  • Shellfish Aquaculture Equipment

    Shellfish Aquaculture Equipment

    Reducing the hand work drastically.

    Bringing a revolution in scallop farming. Automation of a drilling for ear hanging and sorting processes.

From idea to product, we do them all in-house.

  1. Pressing

    Cutting materials by press machines
  2. Machining

    Even the small parts to be assembled into products are carefully machined one by one.
  3. Bending

    Bending the material through a press machine.
  4. Polishing

    Polishing to prepare the cut surface and surface of the material.
  5. Painting/Coating

    Painting and coating the product to protect it from rust and corrosion.
  6. Assembling

    Assembling products by joining parts through adhesive bonding, welding, and screwing.
  7. Inspection

    Checking and verifying that all items are correctly assembled.
  8. Delivery

    Shipping finished products to clients. We consistently do everything ourselves, including after-sales support.

HAMADE's technology is severely tested on rough seas.

The field experimental vessel of our own, the Hamade-maru.

Only designing and calculation in office will not produce satisfactory products. We actually go fishing and test our own squid fishing machines and LED fishing lights on the rough seas to help us further improve quality.

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